Passenger Transport Home Study Pack

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Intended for self study, this pack enables students to prepare for the exams leading to the Passenger Transport CPC. The pack comprises student notes, four-ring binder and dividers.


Modules included:

  1. Introduction to the Course
  2. Business and Company Law
  3. Industrial Relations
  4. Health and Safety
  5. Financial Management
  6. Commercial Conduct of the Business
  7. Marketing
  8. Organisation Charts, KPIs and Work Plans
  9. Business Taxation
  10. Operator Licensing
  11. Drivers’ Hours and Records – Basic Requirements
  12. Drivers’ Hours and Records – Records
  13. Planned Preventive Maintenance
  14. Vehicle Costing
  15. Vehicle Taxation
  16. Contracts of Carriage and Conduct Regulations
  17. Electronic Data
  18. Bus and Coach Service Operations
  19. Competition Rules
  20. Timetabling and Scheduling
  21. Fares, Revenue Collection and Tenders
  22. Driver Licensing
  23. Traffic Regulations and Speed Limits
  24. Traffic Accident Procedure
  25. Insurance
  26. Vehicle Selection
  27. Weights and Dimensions of Vehicles
  28. Mechanical Condition
  29. Route Planning and Frontier Crossings
  30. International Transport Documentation


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